About us


Our company employs trained, reliable technicians and experts with many years of experience. Besides the assembly of special machines, production line installation, relocation, repair and maintenance, we also deal with software solutions from installation to system formation. We offer complex solutions in warehouse technology and logistics with the help of our business partners. Our personalized approaches, based on sufficient examination of market and our partner’s needs, we make our clients more effective and competitive. We provide thorough solutions for our partners in the field of welding technology, as well.

Tell us which area of ​​everyday work you want to facilitate and we offer such engineering solutions that can increase your efficiency to tenfold.
Let us gain insight into your industrial environment to assess your needs, and our company offers a technology solution that does not require any expertise or maintenance.

Our goal is to provide technical support that facilitates the work of non-skilled people, thus creating the potential for development and prosperity in the region. Our company undertakes the construction of systems that transform the renewable resources of nature into the essential energy of everyday life, thus exempting the Earth and our environment from continuous pollution.